Individuals seeking a post-doctoral position:

Applicants for wet bench science must have:

  -  A PhD in biology or related field
  -  Expertise in C. elegans biology is mandatory
  -  Expertise in molecular biology and biochemistry
  -  Experience in handling high-throughput experiments is desirable

Applicants for dry bench science must have:

  -  A PhD in bioinformatics, computational biology or related field
  -  Fluent with Perl and other programming languages such as Java, Phyton, etc.
  -  Ability with MySQL server installation and maintenance
  -  Familiarity with standard sequence aligners, and with handling large genomic datasets
  -  Knowledge of gBrowse platform and UCSC Genome Browser
  -  Insight in statistics

Please email the following materials to Dr. Mangone at

-  Cover letter (one page with your long and short-term research goals)
  -  Two relevant publications
  -  A list of three references

Individuals seeking a doctoral position:

Graduate students interested in working in the Mangone’s laboratory must first be admitted to the School of Life Sciences at ASU.  Mangone is member of the Molecular and Cell Biology program. For more information: and

Undergraduate and Barrett Honors research:

Undergraduate students interested in volunteering in the lab should contact Dr. Marco Mangone at